Get Online. Start Selling!

Gito has easy to use tools to quickly get your store online.

Choose your Online Business Model

B2B, B2C, Retailer, Marketplace – no matter what, Gito makes it happen.
Choose from any business type



  Market Exchange

Choose from any customer type



Gito ensures all corresponding functionalities are aligned to the selected option.

Select the Device

Mobile or Desktop? Gito offers you options needed to take your business where your customers are.
Choose what works best for your business and customers.

Start your webstore on



  Mobile phones


  or choose all

Design your Store

Gito offers you several template options and store design features.
Choose your template

Select a website template from the library that best showcases your business and see how beautiful it looks.

Customize it too

You can customize your template colors, layout formats to match your brand image and product offerings!

More Options

In addiyion, our template adapter allows you to choose any HTML theme to be integrated with our platform.

Automate your store

Gito offers multiple integration options for your web store.
The more you are online, the more time you have to focus on building your business.

Integrate your store with

  Payment gateways

  Logistics partners

  Hot line support – VPBX

  Email and SMS apps

  Social platforms

Get Hosting

Start by putting up products on your web store to provide easy access to your customers.
Unlimited Hosting

Gito is built for unlimited traffic and product uploads.

Multiple Images

Now upload any number of images for a product to showcase it better.

Product Rules

Upload content and product info. Also add rules to display them as Featured, New etc.

Your Store is Ready

Once you have setup, start accepting orders

Just complete the simple process, get your business online and get started. Our team at Gito is here to support you during every step of the process.

Get Customers to Start Buying

Centralised Business Management

Gito offers a fully powered, centralised admin panel to manage your business in a 360 degree manner
Manage Inventory

View your products and either do bulk or individual uploads using our settings.

Process Orders

See what orders have shipped and which are pending, then process them individually or in bulk.

Track Issues

Track customer support issues and resolve them at a quick pace.

Manage Logistics

Get your order deliveries to your customer’s address with ease

Choose your manage fulfilment services company. We integrate with their logistics systems so you can

  Submit online requests

  Track deliveries

  Know-how about customers orders

Choose your own

If you have your own, we can look to see if we can bring these folks onboard our platform and help streamline the entire process for you.

Manage Payments

Gito is integrated to leading payment gateways to enable and manage online payments for your webstore.
Manage your payments and refunds easily now with:

  CC Avenue



If you prefer another option that is not part of this list, let us know!

Track Your Sales

Use Google Analytics to run store-wide and item-specific tests.
Manage and view

Integrate your store with

  Unique visitors


  Conversion rate


  Geographical based orders

Download excel sheets and view how your business has been growing.

Now know WHO, WHAT, WHERE, HOW and WHEN products and purchases were made.

Search Engine Optimization

Make your website completely search engine optimized. Search engines will love you for structuring your data and content like this!!

  Title and header tags

  Meta descriptions and keywords

  Search engine friendly links

  Custom page URLs

  Image alt tags

Advanced SEO tools

Generate ror.xml (resource-on-resource) that creates feeds on ALL content in your website.

Auto-generated sitemaps

Our automatically generated sitemap.xml cover all your product and services information.

Client Marketing

Promote your products and send out what’s happening at your store to your customers.
Email Marketing

Use promotional email templates and dashboard options to understand consumer behaviour and mould your email campaigns accordingly.

Promote Newsletters

Keep your customers informed about company news, special offers and new products by sending traffic-driving newsletters.

SMS Marketing

Its proven that mobile customers far outweigh large device users. Catch your customer via the device(their phones) in a manner they prefer.

Market your offers by sending succinct promotional SMSs to your target consumer base.

Kick your heels back and watch the conversions!

Social Media Marketing

Gito supports full integration to all major social media platforms.

  Constantly engage your consumers by sharing information about your products on social platforms

  Promote sweet deals or discuss what exciting offers are coming soon

  More customer engagement directly translates to better traffic and higher orders/conversions

  Go ahead and create a huge fan following!

Promotional Codes and Offers

Gito provides you the flexibility to promote individual products.

  Define promotional codes for chosen products

  Trackable coupon codes

  Offer free or discounted shipping

  Put products on sale and display discount against MRP

  Flexible product display in different categories

Multi Channel Marketing

Make your products available across a variety of channels to drive traffic and increase sales.
Ride on Search Engine Shopping Sites

Shopping sites powered by search engines are a very strong possibility of customer traffic and revenue.

Gito has integrated to Bing shopping API to bring you this ready advantage.

Just sit back and have customers coming to you!

Go Where Customers Go

Gito understands how to best shadow customers. They start their purchase journey by visiting information portals such as price comparison websites.

Now get your products simultaneously listed on popular shopping comparison sites like

  and many more…

Learn, Analyse and Sell

Gito is fully integrated to Google Analytics to give you insights to make better sales.

  Use Google Website Optimizer to see which product images drive conversion.

  Dig deep into the tool capabilities to understand customer’s behaviour.

  See customer responses to your products and (re-)position them.

  Reset your price/products rapidly to reflect customer needs to drive sales

Empower your Customers

Try out our unique feature called “My Negotiator”. This is an advancement to the regular “Wishlist” feature.

Using “My Negotiator”, customers can now indicate what product/service they are looking for.

They can mention various clauses such as their budget, when the product is needed etc.

This personalisation will definitely enhance your customer service and will also help in increasing conversions.

Add on product features to improve conversions

We make sure not to leave out the small tit bits, cos every feature enhances your store capabilities.
Product Blogs

Get blogging with WordPress, cos textual content that talks about your products influences related online search ratings.

Product Reviews

User reviews build trust, and trust increases conversion. This invariably means more people coming your way as against your competitors.

Product Shares

Get customers to easily share your products on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks. More shares, more people.

Product Compare

Side-by-side product comparisons to help customers make quick decisions on what is a better purchase choice.

Product Search

Too many products on your web store? Our search tool allows customers to now easily find what they are looking for.

Single Page Checkout

Streamline the checkout process into a single page. This is a seamless customer experience thus improving your conversions.