CostpriZe - Unified Omni-Commerce Platform

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Driven Omni-Commerce Platform for Retailers is a full-fledged eCommerce and Omni-commerce digital transformation platform empowered by foundational Artificial Intelligence(AI) capabilities which, together, provide optimum benefits to retailers. supports nuanced retail operating models such as -

For retailers who want to be Hyper-Local.

  • Proximity-based matching of local consumers/visitors to the retailer's store. This model provides a tremendous uptick to the service that the retailer offers to consumers.
  • Serving distance can be configured by the retailer.
  • Multi-brand product cataloging and showcasing flexibility.
  • Micro-delivery capability allows a retailer to create a delivery partner network to handle both early AM and regular-hour deliveries.
  • Works best for - FMCG(Fast Moving Consumer Goods) ; HORECA (Hotel/Restaurant/Cafe) ;
  • Can fully support both B2C and B2B retailer needs

Omni-Commerce Retail -For retailers who want to draw online traffic to their physical stores and vice versa, this model works best. All forms of Omni-Commerce are offered to retailers to empower themselves with.

  • Click-to-Brick - Consumers purchase online and pick-up their orders at the store; "try and buy" ..etc
  • Brick-to-Click - Consumers visit the store to place the order and pay online or at the time of delivery.
  • Click-Only.
  • Brick-Only.
  • Can fully support both B2C and B2B retailer needs

Multi-Currency Retail - For retailers who aim to sell globally and need the flexibility to accept multiple currencies during payments.

  • Multi-currency product catalog - Consumer's location drives the currency denomination and price of the cataloged products.
  • Support for up to 127 currencies.
  • Automated currency conversions during payment settlements.
  • Can fully support both B2C and B2B retailer needs

Multi-Store and Multi-Locale Retail -This model suits retail brands who have multiple stores across multiple locations and aim to bring them all online in the form of a "closed loop" marketplace where each "seller" is a participating store outlet of the retail brand. Each participating store can control.

  • The products sold within their virtual store.
  • The price points and inventory of the products sold within their virtual store.
  • Promotional offers within their virtual store.
  • Localized surcharges (taxes, shipping charges, packing charges ..etc), if any .
  • Can fully support both B2C and B2B retailer needs